About Bill Fairies

Do You Need A Great Gift Idea?

Bill Fairies is an online gift voucher service. Bill Fairies gift vouchers can be used to pay over 21,000 BPAY bills. Bill Fairies gift vouchers can be given to anyone and are delivered electronically via email or sms. When someone receives a Bill Fairies gift voucher, they can go to billfairies.com.au with their BPAY bills and pay for as many bills as they like. Bill Fairies gift vouchers are a great gift for your family, friends and employees and are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase.

How Much Can A Bill Fairies Gift Voucher Be?

At Bill Fairies, we want to make bills disappear. Even the smallest bill can be an added pressure to someone’s life. That’s why our vouchers start at $15 and go all the way up to $1,500. If you want to give a person more than a $1,500 gift voucher, you can always buy more than one gift voucher for them.

That’s it! No wrapping paper, no waste, no worries!
You can get someone a great gift in just a few minutes.

Our Mission

At Bill Fairies, our mission is to make bills disappear. Bills never stop, and what better way to give someone a little freedom than to relieve them of their bills. Whether it be between family, between friends or between colleagues, a Bill Fairies gift voucher will never go to waste and could be the gift that changes someone’s life for the better. Our gift vouchers represent generosity and care for one another.

Proudly Supporting the Children's Cancer Institute

Children’s Cancer Institute is the only independent medical research institute in Australia wholly dedicated to putting an end to childhood cancer.

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