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What Is Bill Fairies

Bill Fairies™ is an online gift voucher service. Bill Fairies™ gift vouchers can be purchased by anyone and given to their family, friends, colleagues, employees or acquaintances.

Bill Fairies™ gift vouchers can be used to pay over 21,000 BPAY bills. Bill Fairies™ gift vouchers are delivered electronically via email or sms. When someone receives a Bill Fairies™ gift voucher, they can go to with their BPAY bills and pay for as many bills as they like until the funds run out. Bill Fairies gift vouchers are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase.

What Bills Can You Pay With A Bill Fairies™ Gift Voucher?

There are so many types of bills you can pay with a Bill Fairies™ gift voucher. Of course, we pay the standard bills like, electricity, phone and insurance. But we pay so much more! Bills like school fees and text books. Car rego and tolls. Home and appliance repairs. Tax and accounting services. Transport and moving services. And we won’t pay any dodgy bills either so rest assured your gift will never be used on shonky bills like gambling services.

Help The Kids Move Out

It’s getting harder and harder for young people to get ahead. The cost of living is high and both millennials and generation Z kids are …

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