Christmas at the office can be a whirlwind. Everyone is scrambling to get things done prior to the break and the silly season throws everyone out of whack. On top of the mayhem, choosing gifts for your colleagues can be fraught with danger (we have all received cringe worthy Secret Santa gifts) and gifts from your employer are rarely creative or useful for the Christmas period.

A Bill Fairies gift voucher is the perfect choice for Christmas. Everyone has bills and particularly during the lead up to Christmas, money can be tight. Whether it’s a gift to a colleague or a gift to everyone in the office, a Bill Fairies gift voucher can make the difference between a good Christmas and a great one.

If you are an employer, there are few gifts that are meaningful to your team. Movie vouchers or experience vouchers cannot be used immediately and are often forgotten. A Bill Fairies gift voucher can be used on most bills as soon as they receive it. It also frees up funds for your employees to spend on making Christmas special, buying extra gifts for the family or just giving someone piece of mind that the bills will be paid. You can break for Christmas knowing that you have alleviated the burden of bills for someone and bought a little freedom to their lives.

So next Christmas, be the boss that really cares. Be the legendary colleague who spread some cheer. Be the gift giver who everyone loves. Give a Bill Fairies gift voucher and know that your gift will be useful and appreciated.