It’s getting harder and harder for young people to get ahead. The cost of living is high and both millennials and generation Z kids are facing more debt with less money. Parents of adult children want to help the kids get a leg up. They want to know that they are doing okay and are not overburdened with bills they cannot pay.

And while it is tempting to give your kids a handful of cash to cover their expenses, there is no way to be sure that those dollars will end up where they should be. Chances are, your kids will use that money for a night out, going shopping or getting take out.

At Bill Fairies, we get what is going on with your kids. We get that we live in a world of lower salaries and higher prices. We get that your kids would probably prefer to buy now and pay later. And we get that your kids may prioritise beer over bills.

Bill Fairies gift vouchers can only be used to pay bills. We want to give your kids a bit of help while getting their life journey underway. We want to give you peace of mind that their bills are being paid. And we want to provide a great way for you to lend the kids a hand, without being an over bearing big  brother.

We pay most bills so that you can give your kids the freedom to manage their money. There are also bills we won’t pay (like credit card bills) to make sure the funds are going to the right place, like keeping the phone connected, keeping the lights on and keeping the car registered.

Visit and choose the amount you want to give your kids. The vouchers are redeemable for up to 3 years so if your child studies away from home, you know they will always have enough. If your child is moving out, they will have a safety net. Or if they need a little more support managing money, this is a great way to start.