Happy Birthday!!! Well done for getting another year under your belt.

When we were young, we wanted gifts that brought our dreams to life and gave us freedom. A new bike, a swish dollhouse, a skateboard or a video game. Regardless of the gift, it usually took us places, either in real life or in our imaginations.

But where do our birthdays take us these days?  The pub? The local restaurant? Usually, to a place where we leave with a little less money in our pockets.

How great would it be to become debt free on your birthday? To start a new year of your life without the burden of bills? Instead of a hangover, you could have some financial freedom. Instead of staying out late, you can start out ahead. And while this idea is not super exciting on the surface, it is actually an opportunity to start your next year of life afresh.

These days, it’s harder than ever to get by. We could all do with an injection of cash to help get our bills under control. A Bill Fairies gift voucher will pay most BPAY bills. And even if you are on top of all your bills, you can always use your gift vouchers to put your bills in credit and have a few months off paying bills. What a relief! So for your next birthday, ask for Bill Fairies gift vouchers.