Frquently Asked Questions

How Does Bill Fairies Work?

Bill Fairies is an online gift voucher service. Bill Fairies gift vouchers can be used to pay most BPAY bills. Bill Fairies gift vouchers can be given to anyone and are delivered electronically via email or sms. When someone receives a Bill Fairies gift voucher, they can go to with most BPAY bills and pay for as many bills as they like. Bill Fairies gift vouchers are a great gift for your family, friends, employees and acquaintances.

Who is Bill Fairies for?

Bill Fairies is for people who want to give a gift to their family, friends, employees and acquaintances. A Bill Fairies gift voucher frees up money for other things and relieves the burden of bills for the voucher holder.

Bill Fairies gift vouchers are perfect for:
• Young adults that have left the family home
• A wedding gift
• Employee rewards and gifts
• Students
• Christmas

Bill Fairies gift vouchers can be between $15 – $1500 per voucher.

How do I pay a bill through Bill Fairies?

The Bill Fairies system uses the BPAY Facility. A voucher holder can pay multiple bills with their unique voucher code by logging into, registering an account and choosing the “Pay A Bill” tab. The voucher holder is prompted to provide the Biller Code, Account Reference No. and the amount they wish to pay. The voucher holder will receive an order notification via email or sms letting them know the order will be confirmed within 2 business days. Once the payment has gone through, the voucher holder will receive another notification with their BPAY payment confirmation number.

What bills can be paid through Bill Fairies?

Most standard bills can be paid through Bill Fairies if they provide a BPAY option.
This includes but is not limited to:
• Utilities
• Telecommunications and Internet Providers
• Insurance
• Real Estate, Council and Strata Charges
• Medical Service Providers
• Transport and Travel Costs
• Home and Appliance Repairs
• Education and Books
• Legal, Accounting and Tax Services

If a user has a bill that uses the BPAY facility, however it is not regarded as a standard billing category, the user can request that Bill Fairies add their biller to the list of approved businesses. This will prompt the voucher holder to provide the biller code to Bill Fairies for review.

Bill Fairies will respond within 2 business days with approval or rejection of the bill payment, with an explanation as to why the decision was made.

Can my Bill Fairies gift voucher expire?

Yes. The voucher holder has 3 years to use their voucher from the date it was purchased. A reminder notification will go to the voucher holder every 6 months via email or sms until the voucher has expired.

Do Bill Fairies charge fees?

At the time of purchase, Bill Fairies will charge the buyer a service fee. Additional fees will apply according to the surcharges associated with American Express, Mastercard, Visa and BPAY. Bill Fairies passes on the surcharges according to the facility being used. Bill Fairies does not add fees to standard charges from other providers.

There is no charge to voucher holders. However, voucher holders are responsible for any fees that their bill provider may charge, including any transaction fees for paying through BPAY, late fees, administration fees etc. Payments towards a bill may be used by a bill provider to first pay its charges and fees before the money is applied towards an outstanding account. This will be beyond our control.

I made a mistake sending a Voucher or paying a bill. Can I get a refund?

We do not issue refunds in such cases.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that customers carefully check the following before completing the following actions: 

  1. If you are buying a voucher, double check your email address/mobile number and the email address/mobile number of the person you are giving the voucher to.  Inputting an incorrect email address or phone number could mean you send a voucher to the wrong person!

  2. If you are paying a bill, double check the billing information – the BPAY biller reference number, your account reference number and the name are correct.  Inputting incorrect payment details could mean that you will be paying someone else’s bill!

How will you deal with my personal information and privacy?

We take your privacy seriously. For Bill Fairies to operate, we may need to collect or handle the personal information of our customers from time to time. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

What other important information do I need to know?

  1. A Bill Fairies gift voucher is non-transferrable however, a voucher holder can choose to pay a BPAY bill for another person. 
  2. The purchaser of a voucher will not be able to select what bill the voucher holder will use the voucher for.
  3. Gift vouchers may not be redeemed for cash under any circumstances.
  4. No refunds will be issued;
    – For the purchase of a voucher due to a change of mind; or
    – For returned funds once a request to pay a bill has been submitted.

For more information, please read the terms and conditions prior to purchasing a gift voucher or using a gift voucher to pay a bill.  Your use of our website will be taken to mean that you agree with our terms and conditions. 

How can I contact Bill Fairies?

For further information you can reach Bill Fairies via our contact page.