Weddings are different these days. People used to meet young, marry early, buy a house and start a family. It was normal for them to start with nothing and buying a houseful of gifts through a wedding registry made a lot of sense.

But things are different now. Most people getting married are merging two households worth of goods and definitely do not need another toaster or coffee machine. Many people also ask for no gifts as they already have everything they need. So what do you get for the couple who has everything? And what gifts do you ask for if you are that couple?

The one thing that will never stop is the bills. As we all know, bills can suck up a good portion of your income. They can suddenly influx and put a dampener on your plans for a nice dinner out or mini holiday. They can become overwhelming, especially after paying for a wedding.

Imagine the happy couple starting their life together with no bills. Bill Fairies Gift Vouchers are valid for up to 3 years, so they are useful long after the big day is over. It’s great to know that you are freeing money to go towards other things like buying a place, going on a great holiday and most importantly, making your dreams come true.

Bill Fairies Gift Vouchers are the perfect wedding gift and if you are planning your big day, be sure to ask your guests to free you and your fiancé of paying bills.